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The real value of quality materials

We'll get right to the point regarding price versus value. You should expect to get what you pay for, at a minimum. When the quality of the materials used in producing the product exceed your expectations, it's a bonus.

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Our Styles


Browse our rectangular fire pit tables which work great as an outdoor coffee table.


Our square fire pit tables are also a very versatile and popular shape.


Always in style, our round fire pit tables are also available in a “dining height” model.

Recent Additions

square legless fire pit table

40" Square
July 3, 2013
We added a 40" Square, legless fire pit table to our ever growing FlameCrest Collection.

stainless fire pit table

48" Square Stainless
August 15, 2013
This high-end, stainless steel model is perfect for a commercial application or for a luxury estate.